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Kokoda Property was founded with a respect for classical architecture, an unwavering commitment to quality, and a passionate, pioneering spirit.

Founded with a passion for architecture and a proud pioneering spirit, Kokoda Property creates living landmarks of craftsmanship, superior quality and thoughtful design. In just 20 years, our award-winning luxury residences have made the Kokoda Property name synonymous with quality and style, cementing our reputation as one of the country’s most respected developers.


Hayball is one of Australia’s largest practices specialising in architecture, interior design and urban planning. In over 30 years, they have created hundreds of projects across Australia, South-East Asia and China – from single and multi-residential buildings to schools and universities, commercial developments and urban design for entire suburbs. Hayball creates outstanding buildings that enrich the lives of occupants with a sense of individuality, flexibility and enjoyment. Integrating architecture, interior design and urban design, Hayball specialises in stitching new projects into the existing urban fabric with emphasis on an architectural response that contributes to an area’s vibrancy and character.


Headquartered in Singapore, Ministry of Design was created by Colin Seah to question, disturb and redefine spaces, forms and experiences that surround us and give meaning to our world. Declared a “Rising Star of Architecture” by the Monocle Singapore Survey 2010, MOD won the prestigious “Designer of the Year” by the International Design Awards, USA 2010. An integrated spatial-design practice, MOD’s explorations are created amidst a democratic atmosphere and progress seamlessly between form, site, object and space. MOD begin each distinct project anew by seeking to do two things – draw deeply from context and dream freely to transcend convention. Each MOD project strives to be delightfully surprising, relevant, distinctly local but with true global appeal.